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μασελακι υπνου για το τριξιμο των δοντιων, ροχαλητο και υπνικη απνοια
Quiet sleep
We need it more than ever.
Your snoring loudness bothers the people arount you?
In most cases
also due to the relaxation of muscle tone.
Sleep disorders?
We can help you
to find the real cause.
Poor sleep?
may be due to causes other than that you believe.
Oral Split
Oral appliance for snoring and sleep apnea

Dr Zisis Koudigkelis

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  • He graduated from the Dental School of the University of Athens (1979).
  • During his military service in the Hellenic Navy (1980-1983), he offered his services as a dentist in charge of the dental department of the Piraeus Naval Hospital and subsequently at the Salamis Naval Hospital.
  • He was, for a short time, clinical assistant in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic, at the University of Essen in Germany.
  • He did his postgraduate studies at the Dental School of the University of Vienna, concerning the Application of Intraoral Laser and received a Certificate Master Degree of SOLA Academy (2007).
  • Participated in a program of "Safe usage and protection of diode Laser in Dentistry" and certified as a safe user (2007).
  • He participated in an educational program on the theoretical and practical training in new methods of Modern Aesthetic Restorations in Dentistry and use of dental materials, in the ivoclar vivadent International Center for Dental Education, in Liechtenstein (2008).
  • He trained through seminars in the dental treatment of sleep disorders (snoring, sleep apnea).
  • He is a Scientific Associate at Sleep Study Clinic of the 1st Psychiatric Clinic at University Hospital Eginitio in Athens.
  • To date, continually practicing dentistry in his private practice, focusing on new technologies and innovations in all fields related to dentistry science treatments.
    Membership of:
  • The Dental Association of Athens.
  • The Greek Dental Association.
  • The Hellenic Sleep Research Society.
  • The European Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (EADSM).
  • S.O.L.A. Laser Academy, (the International Society for Oral Application Laser).
  • The Greek Society of Oral Application Laser (HELSOLA).
  • Founding member and member of the Disciplinary medical company IA.te-, (which deals with the theoretical and practical treatment of specific medical and dental problems that concern all artists).
He is active in Medical - Dental Tourism in Greece.
Participates in conferences in Greece and abroad.
He publishes articles and scientific papers and has been active on the internet.
Makes presentations on matters of activity.

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