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μασελακι υπνου για το τριξιμο των δοντιων, ροχαλητο και υπνικη απνοια
Quiet sleep
We need it more than ever.
Your snoring loudness bothers the people arount you?
In most cases
also due to the relaxation of muscle tone.
Sleep disorders?
We can help you
to find the real cause.
Poor sleep?
may be due to causes other than that you believe.
Understanding your sleep study results
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sleep study results
Understanding your sleep study results 
  1. AHI (Apnoea-Hypopnoea Index) / AHI 
  1. RDI (Respiratory Disturbance Index)
  1. Apnea
  1. Hypopnea 
  1. RERAs (Respiratory Effort Related Arousals)
  1. Arousal 
  1. Sleep fragmentation 
  1. Oxygen Saturation (SaO2) 
  1. Snoring index
αποτύπωση μελέτης ύπνου
  1. Sleep Latency 
  1. Sleep Efficiency 
  1. Sleep Architecture 
  1. Body position 
  1. Leg movements - Periodic Limb Movements (PLMs
  1. MSLT (Multiple Sleep Latency Test)
  1. MWT (Multiple Wakefulness Test) 
  1. Cardiovascular risk