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Treatment with CPAP

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The CPAP machine was developed in 1980 and has saved many lives and has improved the quality of life of thousands of people who are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (O.S.A).
It uses a machine that blows air through a flexible tube, through a mask worn by the patient.
This positive air pressure inflates literally the closed airway, such as a balloon and allows breathing to continue without interruption during sleep.

Disadvantages of CPAP
While CPAP is a real blessing for thousands of patients, it can cause difficulties for many others:

  • The sound of the air that passes through the machine through the mask, along with the device noise, can disturb many people by disturbing their sleep.
  • The mask can be very stiff to match, causing skin complications such as facial swelling over time.
  • It is discomfort, so sleeping with a mask across the face can be tricky.
  • Leakage of air between the mask and the face may disrupt sleep.
  • The presence of CPAP can be a barrier to intimacy in personal relationships.
  • CPAP requires continuous cleaning of pipes and filters.
  • Traveling with CPAP can be difficulties with airlines regulations for carrying them in their luggage.
  • Also causes Nasal congestion. This fact generates mucosal dryness, aerophagy and in many people claustrophobia.
All these these problems cause up to 50 percent of CPAP users to give up treatment.

Unfortunately, for patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a the  recommend treatment is only with the CPAP device, without having the option of alternative treatment with an intraoral device.

People with sleep apnea who could use this alternative but they have not been proposed, they continue to live a life of reduced quality.

A significant proportion of CPAP patients use it occasionally.
In fact, as instructed, these patients should use this treatment four hours per night for five nights a week. This means that for the other four hours at night and two whole nights a week the patients still have sleep apnea! During this time, they suffer from the cardiovascular and other consequences of their disorder.

Hybrid Treatment

Hybrid treatment uses the CPAP device with an other oral device connected with it. This treatment eliminates the mask as the air supply is connected to the oral device. The oral device allows much lower air pressures to be used. As a result, most patients find this method more acceptable.

Intraoral appliances as an alternative therapy

Keep in your mind that for patients with very severe sleep apnea, an intraoral device alone, can not be enough to provide the needed help.

For patients who can not tolerate CPAP, in order to reduce unpleasant consequences, oral appliances can be an extremely effective solution, by itself or in combination with other therapies.

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