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Are you gritting your teeth during your sleep? - 12/11/2015
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Are you gritting your teeth during your sleep? Do you suffer from sleep apnea and you do not know it?
Bruxism - gritting or tightening of teeth occurs most of the time during the night during sleep. It's something that most people do not know they are doing. They learn it from their environment (the noise of scratching them), from the scars on the teeth seen by their dentist, from the examination of their inexplicable headaches. It happens to both young and old.
Most realize that they are Bruxists when their dentist notices the signs of tooth decay, a tooth fracture, pain, or damage to the temporomandibular joint.
Children usually present this problem from an early age but do not cause any permanent damage to their teeth.
The causes of this problem are numerous and varied and require investigation by a dentist. Treatment is the same.
It should be stressed that an unknown but basic cause is sleep apnea, the treatment of which simultaneously solves the problem of trembling. On the contrary, the existence of bruxism is very likely to conceal undiagnosed sleep apnea, which is why it needs to be investigated.
 The damage to the teeth must be restored after the problem has been resolved.